Obama’s Re-election: My Fears

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It is important I state this from the beginning. I’m not a name dropper. When I say that I communicate with Obama from time to time since I signed in as one of his fans, I do not mean to elevate myself to the status of the gods, or covet what I do not possess. I really mean it, we communicate. Since 2008 when our paths crossed-though in the cloud, he has never ceased from writing me. Since he began his re-election campaign, no single week passes that I do not receive an average of six mails a week, sometimes from him, sometimes from his wife Michelle and sometimes from his re-election campaigners like Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Maya Angelou, Jim Messina who heads his Obama for America blog, etc. From time to time I’m invited to make an input on how to reshape the plot and trajectory of his political campaigns. We have enjoyed some sort of fraternal relations since then. But that relationship was to snap shortly before the 6th of November election when Messina sent me an email urging me to support or stand with Obama on marriage equality, an euphemism that translates to support for gay, lesbian and transgender movement that is sweeping through America and the west. I will come to this later.

I admire Obama, the first African-American in US politics to really make a bold attempt at fleshing out Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s dream of a country “where one will not be judged by the colour of his skin but by the content of his character”. A new day in America when Americans will be colour blind, when Americans will come together to vote a nigger not because he is black or blue but because, as we say here, he can deliver.

I will say it any day; Obama is a fast-paced politician who learned the ropes so quickly, with an uncommon talent of walking gingerly with a swagger even in an enemy territory. He came at an opportune moment when Americans were buffeted and disillusioned over their leadership. Bush had messed up the economy and he was seen as the messiah to clean up the shit.

He is bold and daring. His prescience as a politician is amazing. He is not hissy and does not throw fireworks even in a fit of anger. See how he handled the brickbats from his former Pastor Jeremiah Wright in 2008 when his religious bent was the issue. His rhetoric is compelling, his intelligence simply overwhelming. His battle cry for Americans to believe again and dream again during his campaign for the presidency in 2008 reverberated in every hamlet and galvanized both those in blue states and red states, the undecided men and women of every hue irrespective of colour to support him. Like the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, he believed in himself and followed his guts and won.

Obama is a master of political strategy. Not the types we have at this clime that work less and expect more. See how he over-ran a very formidable challenger like Mitt Romney in an election Americans said was running bumper to bumper, too close to call. See how he bulldozed his way in predominantly White neighbourhoods and traditionally republican states to win majority of electoral votes. He simply outsmarted his opponent by breaking barriers and threading where angels dare not. But in this his second coming the fire seem to be receding, the rhetoric less compelling.

But this piece is not about Obama’s Pyrrhic victory. It is about his failings, about how his kind of politics is impacting us, about how one man’s ambition for power is reshaping our morality and our cherished biblical values.

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Mitt Romney at one of his presidential campaign rallies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like Pyrrhus, King of Epirus who defeated the Romans in Asculum in 279 B.C, Obama’s victory and his presidency portends more danger not only to Americans but the whole world. Obama has sodomized America to the extent that Sodom and Gomorrah may have to demand an apology from God. The 2012 American election, just like in the previous ones, was fought on the platform of two moral vices: abortion and homosexuality. The issue of same-sex marriage came out of the closet from the depths of social stigma. The right for a mother to terminate her pregnancy or what Americans euphorically call pro-choice gained currency as well and occupied the apex of the ladder in the moral war. As a committed Mormon, Mitt Romney stood up to his beliefs and couldn’t touch any with a barge pole. But shortly before his acceptance speech as the Democratic Party presidential candidate, Obama accepted and adopted gay and lesbian agenda as part of the Democratic Party agenda, bringing his shifting religious values to the fore. Of course I hear he is both a Christian and a Moslem. He threw his weight behind them and openly campaigned for the union of a man and a man and a woman with a woman to be legally recognized as marriage, thereby redefining our traditional and biblical concept of marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Such brazen presidential endorsement had the effect of galvanizing the support of gays, lesbians, transgender people and other sub-humans who constitute a significant percentage of American population to his side. They powered his re-election campaign, contributing money, knocking on doors and wooing the electorate, a situation that led NEWSWEEK Magazine to question in one of its cover stories if Obama is the first American gay president. Even David Crary, a veteran journalist described such high wire romance with immorality.

As a historic tipping point in American politics. Thus, with such audacity, many gays and lesbians who had been hiding their sexual orientation became emboldened and came out openly. They campaigned vigorously for homosexuality to be accepted as an alternative lifestyle. Tammy Baldwin, a lesbian became elected as the first openly gay senator. Thomas Beatie, the first pregnant man with a womb and a penis declared with ululation he wanted to give birth to more children! The gays indeed never had it so good since the Obama years.

I must say without any fear of being contradicted that Obama’s presidency is having serious negative impact on the world. Just recently, the Time Magazine carried a well-researched documentary on the rise of Sperm Banks in America. It was a baleful exposé on sexual permissiveness and the breakdown of the traditional family institution in America. It noted an increasing rate of divorce and single parenthood and observed that many Americans are now gays, lesbians and transgender. The report said that it was this category of people that are behind the upsurge of sperm banks. Men go there to sell their sperm and those women who would prefer to remain single go there to buy. In fact one man was reported to have sired 1000 children scattered across six continents through such wired practice.

That is even not all. Thomas Carol, a beautiful black bank executive who lives in Brooklyn New York confessed openly the predicament of many Americans as a result of Obama’s stand on gays. In the June 2 edition of Newsrescue, an online blog, she said:

“I make over $60000 a year, which is a reasonable income. I own my property and drive a 2004 BMW. I have a lot I am grateful for, but I know the one thing I do not have that seems to make it all worthless: a man.

I’m not looking for a professional man, any man. But I just can’t find any who is serious and wants a good wife. Cute guys are all gays. You see that great looking dude, the one who makes you go ‘ooowiii’ but he looks at you and your heart goes down again, you can’t even lust after him because his eyelashes are all done, his eyes are all lined better than yours, his heart is dead to women. There are no just eligible black straight men, all are gays”.

This is the situation of things in America, there are few straight men and women, many are gays, lesbians or have changed their gender like Beattie. It may be interesting to recall that the Obama administration on March 11, 2009 formally endorsed a U.N statement calling for the worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality, a measure former President Bush refused to endorse. The American constitution forbids openly gays to serve in the military, but Obama came and repealed the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell decree last year, giving gays and lesbians more power.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a big setback for America, given the Christian orientation of its founding fathers. Obama has set America and the world back. My anger against this kid glove treatment of homosexuals is the signal it may be sending to the world. For instance, last year, Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza previously sentenced to 14 years imprisonment for homosexual conducts, or as they put it, ‘for committing a crime against our culture, our religion and our laws’ in Malawi were pardoned in lieu of financial aid from the west after the intervention of Ban Ki-moon and fellow gays like Elton John and Madonna.

This portends evil for our culture and our religion. We must fight it.


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