Arrest of Judges: Seeking Justice in an Unjust Means

The President’s quest for justice in our judiciary took off on an unjust way when the Directorate of State Service penultimate week undertook sting operations across the country, ransacking the homes of suspected corrupt judicial officers. I must say here that I am wholly and unapologetically in support of Buhari in that pursuit. Our judiciary has become like a trading post where any outcome is possible. It is mired in corruption and has become the butt and scum of society.

But where I vehemently disagree with Mr. President is on the method for achieving the justice. The civil rights activist and preacher, Martin Luther King Jnr told his followers that they should be very careful, lest in their quest for justice they use an unjust means to achieve it. It is no longer news that the judiciary is rotten, from head to toe. But the method Buhari adopted to sanitise and exorcise the evil spirit is unjust and barbaric. It has the implications of instilling fear among judicial officers in deciding cases that involve the government. By the selective method of the arrest, the general insinuation in the country is that Buhari is not after corruption but after judges that rule against the expectations of government. The names of many judges who are perceived as “Government lawyers”, who deliver contradictory judgements and stand justice on its head did not feature among those arrested. Where is Mr. Okonn by the way? He is not among the list. Why? There is no conceivable reason why safes should be found in the living rooms of some judges as the DSS investigation revealed. How much do judges earn that some of them have not spent their salaries for the past two years? Now that the fight against corruption has berthed on the doorsteps of the judiciary, the president should be civil in his approach, he should do a holistic job and fish out all the corrupt judges. All have sinned!

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