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August 2009

Be Ready for Eternity is a Christian resource ministry dedicated to teaching and preaching the eternal word of God in a world that is spiritually and morally adrift.

The Ministry was borne out of a personal life experience. My relation was terminally ill; he had battled with a life-threatening sickness over some period. When he knew it was time to cross the Jordan, and apparently not knowing what lay beyond, he called me to his bedside and asked: “Can God forgive me?” He needed reassurance.
Each time I remember it, I know that is the question many who find themselves in such straight still ask till today: “can God forgive me?” We ask it not because we are sure of getting the correct answer from any clay-footed being, but because we are unsure of where we are going after here. But unfortunately, we ask it when it is almost too late, when it is plain to us that our anchor no longer holds! But we don’t need to ask that when the bent of our life is heavenly, when the anchor of our life is Jesus. Curiously enough, not many of us will be that lucky to ask that question, not many will be given the grace—like the repentant thief crucified along with Christ—to repent in the shadows of death.

Actually, what lies behind this question confirms man’s longing for a reunion with God. The Bible makes it clear in Ecclesiastes 3:11 that “God has planted in man the longing for eternity.” David had lamented: “My heart pants after Thee as the birds pant after the water brooks.”

Our aim therefore is to communicate the Good News of eternity with God, in a manner that will fire and stimulate in our audience the urge to long for that God whom we are sure to meet one day, so that when it is our turn to cross the Jordan—even when the waters reach to our ankles—we will be brave enough to cross without asking: Can God forgive me?

The letter below was actually addressed to a particular ‘Christian brother’ whose views about Christianity mirror the views of many Christians in the world today. The letter thus seeks to correct this prevailing misconception and is therefore addressed to all honest followers of Jesus who desire to be imitators of the Master.

Going To America

Going to the American Embassy Abuja was fun indeed. I was just tired of all the noise around me and the craze and clutter for things that don’t matter that consume most of our time—things that I consider as fineries and fripperies. And so, I decided to dock at the embassy for a change, May 14. Full article

My Dear Christian Brother

My Dear Christian Brother,

I’m compelled, after our fortuitous meeting in which you raised some touchy but profound issues about our Christian faith, to address this letter to you. The issues are tetchy and germane not only because you dared to raise them but because some of our Christian brothers, Full article