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Aliko Dangote

The Scramble for Nigeria: Between Esau and Naboth

As a student in college, I read much of history. I read much about the scramble for Africa by the European powers. I read about how they partitioned Africa and divided the continent among themselves. They came bearing gifts and scattering “civilization” along the way.  They planted schools and tried their best to show the light in a hitherto dark continent. And what was the reason for the rush, for the scramble and for Africa’s eventual partitioning among the super powers? It is, in one word: money. Full article


“Change Begins With Me”: Deconstructing Mr. President’s Speech

On September 8, the Federal Government launched a national reorientation campaign tagged “Change Begins With Me”. As usual, our moral crusader and change agent, President Muhammadu Buhari, waxed lyrical and pastoral, imploring Nigerians to change their ways and eschew corruption by imbibing the virtues of honesty, integrity and fairness. After going through the speech, if not that I know Mr. President to be an Islamic apologist, I would have asked, as it was asked of Saul in the Bible, “Is Buhari also among the prophets?Full article

Junaid Mohammed

Junaid Mohammed’s Revelations: Can We Believe It?

Alhaji Junaid Mohammed, the self-acclaimed Northern irredentist and jingoist, is not my fan. I hate him for his guts. I hate him for his unbridled and intemperate commentary on national issues which often verge on ethnocentrism. I hate him for his predilection to initiate national conversations that tend to polarize our ethnic nationalities instead of welding us together as a nation with equal stakes.

But I am beginning to like him, Full article

Governor Godswill Akpabio’s ₦100M Health Pension!

Godswill AkpabioI was at Uyo in 2012 for the Nigeria Guild of Editors All Nigeria Editors Conference (ANEC) which was hosted by the Akwa Ibom State government. The conference afforded us the opportunity to interact one on one with the governor of the state, Barrister Godswill Akpabio. Indeed, it was, if nothing else, an opportunity for Mr. Akpabio to showcase his achievements in office. Full article

Agboti and the Politics of Ozizza Road

Since I was inducted into this hallowed profession, I have tried as much as possible not to join issues with people, especially on matters that directly impinge on my sense of judgment or where I have an interest. At least such stance has enabled me to comment fairly on a number of issues on several occasions without imputations of sordid motive. Full article