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The Road to Ebonyi State Government House: Where are the Gubernatorial Aspirants?

I can still remember; time has faded nothing. As a child growing up in the village in the 70’s, I would be woken up by 4am most days by the knock on the door of my brother’s house by some political intruders. That was precisely in October 1978. They were politicians coming for consultation for the forthcoming 1979 general election; my brother was a man of relative means and one of the opinion molders in the village. Full article

INEC & Anambra Governorship Election: Can We Trust Jega for 2015?

The Anambra State governorship election of November 16 has come and gone, but its silhouette refuses to go. Its impacts, like an evil omen, will not be forgotten so soon in our democratic space. Like an incubus, the effects will live to hunt us and heckle us. And those who can read the future, who are prescient and have a Ouija board and clairvoyance to tell us what is to come, are already apprehensive of 2015. Full article