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Rochas Okorocha

Okorocha’s Downfall: What Lessons Can We Learn? 

Please permit me to be vulgar here. My people have a pithy and sententious way of saying the truth. They say that when the penis is erect, standing ramrod like the palm tree, it would appear as if it will perforate the vagina to the other side. But it doesn’t. Its power is ephemeral. It will do its beat at that moment and wizen when it has done justice to the assignment. That is how power is! Full article


“Change Begins With Me”: Deconstructing Mr. President’s Speech

On September 8, the Federal Government launched a national reorientation campaign tagged “Change Begins With Me”. As usual, our moral crusader and change agent, President Muhammadu Buhari, waxed lyrical and pastoral, imploring Nigerians to change their ways and eschew corruption by imbibing the virtues of honesty, integrity and fairness. After going through the speech, if not that I know Mr. President to be an Islamic apologist, I would have asked, as it was asked of Saul in the Bible, “Is Buhari also among the prophets?Full article

Junaid Mohammed

Junaid Mohammed’s Revelations: Can We Believe It?

Alhaji Junaid Mohammed, the self-acclaimed Northern irredentist and jingoist, is not my fan. I hate him for his guts. I hate him for his unbridled and intemperate commentary on national issues which often verge on ethnocentrism. I hate him for his predilection to initiate national conversations that tend to polarize our ethnic nationalities instead of welding us together as a nation with equal stakes.

But I am beginning to like him, Full article

Theresa May and Muhammadu Buhari

Between President Buhari and PM Theresa May

When you see how democracy works in other lands, and the speed at which the leaders react to the mood of the moment in their countries, sometimes you would think we are jinxed. And sometimes it is difficult to escape, though some may say it is hasty, the conclusion that Buhari was not prepared for the leadership that was thrust upon him. Full article

President Muhammadu Buhari

365 Days of APC: How Nigerians Fared Under Buhari

Today is one year in office of President Muhammadu Buhari, and by implication, the APC government. As a matter of fact, I find it difficult to situate our President. As an undergraduate student back in 1983, Buhari conjured up in me an image of a man who is synonymous with suffering, a man who does not read the signs of the times, a man who wants to do the right thing at the wrong time. Full article