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Who Will Tame Sanusi?

Who will tame Sanusi? I’m not raising an unnecessary alarm, I ask because I’m worried, and we should be worried too.  Who can call this irrepressible Fulani nobleman to order? Who can tame this unguided missile that even strides with swagger where angels dare not, and says indignities and incongruities unbecoming of his position without batting an eyelid? Full article

My Heart Breaks for Cynthia

I was browsing the internet on my iPad, searching for the news of the day, when my eyes caught her fancy. At first, I was blind to what the headlines said about her unfortunate and heart rending fate. Frankly, I did not see them. It was her beauty—gorgeous, elegant and splendid—that enthralled Full article

Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic: Calling Amasiatu to Order

In my many years as a journalist, there is one thing I have always avoided: commenting on issues that are controversial in nature. Such position has served and helped me a lot, at least I can see and analyze issues from a detached and unbiased perspective, even though I may not freely comment on them, at least in public. Full article