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Rochas Okorocha

Okorocha’s Downfall: What Lessons Can We Learn? 

Please permit me to be vulgar here. My people have a pithy and sententious way of saying the truth. They say that when the penis is erect, standing ramrod like the palm tree, it would appear as if it will perforate the vagina to the other side. But it doesn’t. Its power is ephemeral. It will do its beat at that moment and wizen when it has done justice to the assignment. That is how power is! Full article

Senator Ken Nnamani

Nnamani, Exodus to APC and the Need to Domesticate PDP

Chief Ken Nnamani is one politician of Igbo extraction I hold in high esteem. My respect for him began shortly after his election as Senate President in the second tenure of President Olusegun Obasanjo. That was between 2005 and 2007. I had not met him in person, but our paths seem to have crossed in our serendipitous journey to uphold the truth and do the needful. Full article


“Change Begins With Me”: Deconstructing Mr. President’s Speech

On September 8, the Federal Government launched a national reorientation campaign tagged “Change Begins With Me”. As usual, our moral crusader and change agent, President Muhammadu Buhari, waxed lyrical and pastoral, imploring Nigerians to change their ways and eschew corruption by imbibing the virtues of honesty, integrity and fairness. After going through the speech, if not that I know Mr. President to be an Islamic apologist, I would have asked, as it was asked of Saul in the Bible, “Is Buhari also among the prophets?Full article

President Muhammadu Buhari

Does Buhari Need Emergency Powers to Fix the Country?

For about two weeks now, the media, including the online, have been awash with news that the president is seeking additional power outside what our constitution provided to fix the country. Though not many are aware, whistle-blowers say the presidency is putting together a bill that will give the president powers beyond what our constitution envisaged to urgently tackle many issues in various facets of our country. Full article

PDP Convention

PDP Convention, the Judiciary and Why I Dropped Out

Sometimes I wonder why I did not read Law. I wonder why I neglected such a “lucrative” course even when the opportunity beckoned. In 1983, I had the opportunity to read law but spurned it with one touch of my feet. I got admission to read Law at the University of Ife when I was already in my Second Year in Sociology at the University of Calabar. Full article

Junaid Mohammed

Junaid Mohammed’s Revelations: Can We Believe It?

Alhaji Junaid Mohammed, the self-acclaimed Northern irredentist and jingoist, is not my fan. I hate him for his guts. I hate him for his unbridled and intemperate commentary on national issues which often verge on ethnocentrism. I hate him for his predilection to initiate national conversations that tend to polarize our ethnic nationalities instead of welding us together as a nation with equal stakes.

But I am beginning to like him, Full article

Power Shift in Ebonyi State: Elechi Has Rolled Away the Stone

After several attempts to win the American presidency, Abraham Lincoln made an unusual appointment during the selection of his cabinet that startled not only his party but also the nation. His choice of Edwin Stanton as Secretary of War drew the ire of not only his party and ardent supporters but also a sizeable spectrum of Americans. Of course, they were right to express such indignation and disgust at Lincoln’s ‘mistake’. Stanton was one of the strongest and fiercest critics and opponents of Lincoln during the latter’s campaign for the presidency, and so didn’t deserve the position, they reasoned. Full article

2014: Looking at My Crystal Ball

Soothsayers and augurers have a way with the arcane world. Like the famed Nostradamus, they tell us they have the power of life and death by their ability to predict tomorrow. And they hypnotize us by such spell because man, by nature, is afraid, terribly afraid. Sir Isaac Newton, for instance, came up with his prediction which he claimed was based on biblical calculations that the world will end in 2060. Of cause, there have been many of such predictions before which never came to pass. Full article