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Dimgba Igwe: This Coming & Going

I was driving back to my base on the 6th of September after the traditional wedding ceremony of my brother’s daughter when my phone rang. The caller asked me: ‘have you heard the news? I asked: ‘which news?’ The death of Dimgba Igwe, former Deputy Managing Director of Sun Newspapers and a Fellow of the Nigeria Guild of Editors, he replied. For some minutes I was nonplused, t0rn between believing what he said or rejecting it. But no one jokes with death, especially in African custom and tradition. It took me time to come to terms with the reality of Dimgba’s coming and going! Full article

My Tears for Dora Akunyili

The news from Mr Peter Obi of the death of Professor Dora Akunyili on the 7th of June in far away India, was not cheering and was indeed too painful to absorb. Till her death, I have not come across Dora in all my life, but I have heard and read and seen much of the reforms she introduced everywhere she went. She was like a harbinger of good tidings, spreading goodness in every path her feet strode. Full article

Omezue Anthony Ekoh: The Sunset of a Radiant Star

In the morning of March 20, I was driving past the office of Pharmacist Omezue Anthony Ogbonnia Ekoh situated along the popular and ever busy Water Works Road, Abakaliki when I noticed one thing: the office was unusually locked by 10:00 am. It was an unusual thing; Ogbonnia Ekoh popularly called Ekoh Drugs after his pharmacy company, comes to work by 9:00am every day and closes late in the evening. Full article